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Without Search Engine Optimisation Your Website Could Be Lost

Building a great internet site is a wonderful achievement. But it could also be a complete waste of your time and money unless potential clients can find it. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one way

Creating Your Own Web Page is Easy – A Tutorial (Part 1)

Yes, it is easy to create a web page though you are not an IT professional or a person who is involved in IT things. A basic web page is made up of simple HTML tags or codes and HTML is easy to learn.

After going through this tutorial, you will learn how to create your own web pages for your website.

Creating Your Own Web Page is Easy – A Tutorial (Part 2)

Now, Let’s continue with Part 2. We will discuss the following here:

Creating tables
Using CSS boxes as webpage layout

Here’s how:

Creating tables:

Creating Your Own Web Page is Easy – A Tutorial (Part 3)

Here’s the last part of this tutorial. Our topics are:

Linking other pages and other websites
Using CSS in styling your web pages

Let’s begin here.

Creating and placing hyperlinks:

Designing Your Site For The Search Engines

When you design a website, it’s easy to focus on what your visitors are going to see. What you have to realise, though, is that you’re going to have another kind of visitor with a completely different agenda: they’re not going to be looking at your pretty logo and

DMOZ – The First and Last Step towards Website Submission

What is DMOZ or OPD
The DMOZ (Directory Mozilla) or Open Directory Project (ODP) is the most comprehensive human edited directory of the Web which is compiled by a vast global community of volunteer editors. Majority of search engines including AOL Search, Netscape Search, Google,

Ecommerce Design

If you are looking to expand your business, an ecommerce store can be a very good investment. However, just building a website alone will not attract the customers you desire. In order for your site to be effective, it needs to be designed properly.

Front-end Web Developer Metamorphosis

Web design is not the be-all end-all in developing a site. This is the very reason why metamorphosis has led to the recent discovery of frond-end developers.

Google Sitemaps 7 Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Google Sitemaps enables Webmasters to Directly Alert Google to Changes and Additions on a Website and that’s just one of 7 Benefits.

Telling search engines about new pages or new websites use to be what the submission process was all about.